Monday, March 16, 2015

Introduction to Imagined Glass - Etched Design Accents

Imagined Glass - Decorative Etched Art Glass

A quick snapshot about me. My name is Brian.  I'm married and have two wonderful children.  I have been working as a glass artist for the past fifteen plus years.  Before now it has mostly been working for others.  Well, I do still work for another company, Radiant Arts, Inc., as a stained glass artist - designing, painting on glass, fabricating, and installing church, business and mausoleum windows.

I've begun a new adventure in my career, and I have no idea where it will take me.  It just needs to blossom further.  So far it has been a simple and relaxed idea, and I have found great support by others that enjoy my glass skills.  I appreciate everyone that has shared my pieces, commented, and even had me make something special for them.  I hope it continues to grow in that direction.

Anyway, this blog is meant to display some of my art glass and to share various influences that come from other artists, places, objects or whatever muse decides to draw my attention.  I want to also have it help develop my business, as well as, connect with others in what makes the difference between the warmth in craftsmanship behind a piece compared to the colder attraction of buying something off any shelf in any town.

I may not have a constant stream of posts, but I hope you enjoy what comes.  I encourage you to interact with me through comments and email questions.  I sincerely appreciate all the "likes", +1s, sharing and connecting to me and my glass work.

Best Regards,

Brian Laughlin
Imagined Glass

~ Other sites of interest my work is featured on or for sale: Website, DeviantArt, Facebook, LinkedIn

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